How to get to Willie's Brew

Washington DC is not only the capital city of the United States of America and the place where the main government buildings and institutions are located and where the president lives. That city is the center of the whole country and there you will find almost everything represented, from cultures and food, to art and all other kinds of aspects of life. We know you stopped reading at 'food' and already went to browse for some restaurants, because that is what you want to experience first. Well, we don't blame you and we will actually help you find some quite interesting and amazing restaurants with delicious food.


Visit Willie's Brew and Que

One of the best sports places and restaurants in Washington DC is Willie's Brew and Que. It is one of those amazing restaurants where everyone behaves like they are family and go beyond friendliness to make you feel comfortable and like home. The food is some of the best you will eat, not only in Washington DC but in the country. The tradition and local recipes are what makes them so special and unique, so you won't find something like this anywhere else.


Willie's Brew is not that close to the White House, but the city is huge anyway, so it will be impossible for you to find the best of everything within a mile from the White House. If you start from the White House, you will take the 14th St SW to the Maine Avenue, then the Maine Avenue to the M Street SW. Take that road all the way to New Jersey Avenue and drive to the Tingey Street SE and turn left. You cannot miss Willie's Brew and Que, which is only one block down that road. Enjoy your time there and ask the people working there to suggest you some other places to visit while staying in the city, besides those mentioned in every tourist guide.


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